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Reduce the cost of an in-house accounting and bookkeeping team by hiring a team of finance professionals to work as an extension of your company. FinSuperstars offers dedicated and experienced staffing that can save you 32% on your labour costs.

About us

Meet the accounting and bookkeeping superstars

FinSuperstars is a young company with great experience in online finance, nearshoring and remote work. Wondering how?


Well, our owners have more than five years of nearshoring experience in various industries, such as software development, IT, digital marketing, and architecture. They’ve founded several successful companies with more than 275 specialists working in different countries in Europe. Now they’ve decided to apply the proven working method in the new industry – finance.

Our Services

FinSuperstars provides high-quality and cost-effective services to companies that want to hire professionals in the financial sector.

Our Benefits

Take full advantage of working with a highly-skilled, motivated, and dedicated online finance team at your disposal.

Transparent model

You are only charged per hour or unit delivered. This results in a very transparent cost model.

Permanent Support

A Dutch technical contact is at your disposal to support the project. We provide support for all phases of the project, from planning to completion.

Team flexibility

Thanks to the hybrid working model, it is easier to deploy skilled workers when and where they’re needed.

Innovative approaches

Our team consists of trained financial experts from all over Europe. They provide freedom for dexterity and bring new, fresh things to the table.

Similar mentality and way of working

The work and thinking level of our associates is very high, similar to the Dutch associates.

Cost reduction

Forget about expensive personnel costs. FinSuperstars offers you a dedicated team working as a remote service provider, saving you up to 32% on labour costs.

We believe in strong relationships with our clients and among our team members. That’s why we nurture transparency, open communication, and trust

Marcel Palm, Business Manager

Why Remote

A working model that fits your business needs

Remote work can advance your business in a different way if you choose an experienced outsourcing provider and the most suitable country. FinSuperstars is a company whose owners have a long history of working with remote teams from Novi Sad in Serbia because this city offers everything:

English proficiency

A large pool of professionals

Geographical proximity

Even with an urban population of about 350,000 people, Novi Sad is the largest IT center in Serbia. As such, the city invests in people who are ready to enter this profession and offers new opportunities. Professionalism, accountability, and honesty are just some of the things that people from Novi Sad value and believe in.

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