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About GS Personeel

GS Personeel is currently one of the largest providers of catering staff in Europe. Since its foundation in 2015, the company has experienced tremendous growth and is constantly scaling. GS Personeel has become a reliable partner for the largest catering companies and a favourite among agencies in the Netherlands because they offer a good selection of suitable candidates for various services.

On the other hand, GS Personeel offers job seekers throughout Europe vacancies in various fields in multinational companies, large organizations, and SMEs. In this way, GS Personeel is the perfect link between employers in the Netherlands and well-trained and experienced workers abroad.

The Issue: Why did GS Personeel Turn to FinSuperstars?

As the company is growing rapidly and currently has offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Lithuania, they were looking for a reliable accounting and bookkeeping partner who speaks English and uses modern accounting software to manage all accounting transactions accurately and efficiently.

Before GS Personeel turned to FinSuperstars, they had the problem of finding flexible accounting and bookkeeping experts in the Netherlands capable of automating accounting processes and working remotely with all stakeholders – international employees, employment agencies, and GS Personeel employees. They needed an accountant and financial controller who has a high level of education, uses innovative approaches and drives digital transformation by using the latest cloud solutions.

The solution: How FinSuperstars Helped 

FinSuperstars provided GS Personeel with a qualified accountant from Serbia who:

  • Has a BSc in Accounting and Finance,
  • Has a FinAcademy certification, demonstrating excellent knowledge of international accounting regulations and procedures,
  • Hands-on experience with Exact accounting software,
  • Strong English communication and analytical skills.

Our experienced accountant from Serbia takes care of managing all financial transactions of GS Personeel, from fixed payments, salaries, and variable expenses to bank deposits and budgets. 

Thanks to weekly meetings and close communication with the management of GS Personeel, our accountant is able to successfully audit financial records and prepare payroll in such a way that keeps the company in strong financial standing.

Technologies used: Exact Software, MS Excel


GS Personeel


The Future

Remote and international is the new normal. Thanks to both companies’ experience with the hybrid work model, communication and collaboration run smoothly and effectively. As GS Personeel grows rapidly and plans to open more offices across Europe, the company will need more accounting and finance professionals. And FinSuperstars’, a talented and agile team with a fresh and insightful approach, will be there to support their growth.

Let’s create a success story with your business, too. Think about growing your business, and we’ll do the rest. Book a meeting with FinSuperstars and learn more about our services.



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